Kumusta Pamilya, Kababayans, and Kaibigans!

"Mano Po" at the APIA Spoken Word Poetry Summit, Seattle, 2001. Photo by David Huang.   Welcome to http://www.emilylawsin.com ! (oh wow)

Signs I’m Getting Old:  NO that’s not me showing off any diamond ring, that’s a “yoot” greeting an elder “Mano Po”! at the 1st APIA Spoken Word Poetry Summit, Seattle 2001 – Photo by David Huang.

Every time I do a gig, someone asks me if I have a website or a blog or whatever (UM CTools/15 years of class websites don’t count), so here’s my humble attempt.  😛  

Click HERE to see my most recent, updated blogs.

Salamat to Joan May T. Cordova for my sunset banner photo. Joanie and other cool people from FANHS  have also roped me in to go on Facebook, so show some love: invite me so we can be kaibigans=friends!  Add me to your blog roll, share a post, and stay tuned!   🙂 

Mahal at Salamat / Love and Thanks,

Emily a.k.a. “Prof. Lawsin” / “Ate’ Em” / “Auntie Emily” 


2 thoughts on “Kumusta Pamilya, Kababayans, and Kaibigans!

  1. Your work is inspiring! My sister saw your performance this evening at the Carson library. She said that it was a fantastic time! Thank you for giving our history, thus our people, another positive avenue of expression and pride. TGIF!

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